• Automobile cold forming parts
  • Saw wire
  • CHQ wire
  • Welding mesh
  • Fastener
The most advanced 6-station cold forming machine. Its products, such as high-tech cold forming safety parts and deformed-parts, have successfully applied in famous automobile models.
Quality solar monocrystalline silicon & polysilicon cutting wire produced by advanced process from Germany and Italy.
The largest CHQ wire production line, The 5.5 mm to 42 mm products can produce low, medium and high strength fasteners, bearings and deformed parts.
The largest welding mesh production line in China can produce ф4mm-ф16mm standard mesh and project mesh used in many national major subway, high speed railway and highway projects.
The mainly products are 8.8 grade, 10.9grade and 12.9 grade high strengthen bolts and nuts, which are widely used in machinery, automobile, engineering, bridge and electron fields.
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